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Wooden Grooved Labyrinths–Set of 4

The whole set includes 4 wooden grooved labyrinths of different levels of complexity. Each board is painted in one of the primary colors: red, yellow, blue and green.

 These wooden grooved labyrinths have removable sliders that children can glide through the four different mazes.

Complete the track to release the peg.

Labyrinths are designed for the development of the wrist, hand-eye coordination, by performing various movements associated with the movement of wooden handles along various slots.

In the process of work the child learns to perform a series of simple sequential actions, thereby developing visual and motor memory, concentration, and stability of attention, observation, and coordination of hand movements.

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Canadian Animals

  • Includs 12 animals: rabbit, beaver, doe, cardinal, gray wolf, fox, raccoon, black bear, moose, mountain lion, bald eagle, and a bison, this Toob has all kinds of unique animals that fly, hop and saunter!
  • Characteristics: If you stay quiet and out of sight, you might get to see the elusive and clever fox sneak through the undergrowth, or spy a cardinal as the season turns too spring.
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Wooden Magnetic Daily Calendar

What is today? For a child, that simple question can have so many answers--and this daily calendar helps satisfy them all!

Kids will feel a greater sense of control and responsibility when they help post the day of the week, date, weather, and special events on the large magnetic board for all to see.

There's even a space to post their mood--an excellent way to open communication and encourage children to gauge their own emotions.

Updating the information is simple: Simply take a preprinted magnet from the lower magnetic board (which hangs below the calendar to keep magnets within easy reach). Then place it on the calendar to fill in the information . . . or make a custom magnet by writing on one of two dry-erase magnet tiles!

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Sorting With Small Beads And Tongs

Help children refine their fine motor skills and develop their pincher grip by having them transfer items from one dish to another with tongs.

The whole set includes:

 2 ceramic bowls, one pair of small stainless steel tongs, medium size tray, and beads to transfer.

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