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New Collection

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Vocabulary ToolBox

This compact collection of carefully-selected objects features many of the most popular and difficult to find miniatures.

126 beautifully detailed miniatures are organized into 16 categories:

African Animals, Birds, Colors, Electronics, Food, Fruits, Insects, Money, On the Farm, Parts of the Body, Sea Life, Sports, Clothing, Tools, Transportation, Vegetables.

This set includes detailed, downloadable teacher's guide featuring dozens of hands-on language-building games, activities, and reproducible diorama backgrounds. Durable 16-drawer cabinet with self-adhesive labels keeps everything organized. Objects may vary.

Cabinet  measure s: L10.5 x W6.5 x H8 inches

Each drawer measures: L5.5 x W2 x H1.5 inches

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Wooden Lacing Shoe

The most adorable wooden shoe for teaching children how to tie their shoelaces in a fun way!

Much larger than you think it will be!

L17 x W7 x H10.5 cm

6.5 x 2.5 x 4 inches

Made in Germany

Age 3+

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Classified Vocabulary Picture Cards

144 illustrated picture cards in 17 categories with word printed on back.

Each card measures 2.5 x 2 inches.

 Comes with dividers to keep them organized and teaching notes.

17 categories with 6-10 cards in each:

Transportation, Clothing, Toys, Furniture, Tools, Zoo animals, Farm animals, Pets, Ocean animals, Insects, Foods, Fruits, People, Body parts, Table settings, Containers, and Instruments.

Direct Aim:

To enrich and enlarge the child’s vocabulary.

To help in the child’s classification of the environment.

Indirect Aim:

Preparation for further language works and reading classification.



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