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Sight Word Sentences with Pictures

These easy-to-manipulate plastic word tiles make sight word recognition and sentence building great fun for beginning readers.

Color-coded to show nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, sentence starters (The, A, My, etc.), punctuation marks, word endings (s, ed, ing, etc.), plus blank tiles to create your own special words.

 100 word tiles, 38 with pictures on the back, plus blank tiles.

 1 1/4"H x up to 2"W, and convenient storage basket.

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Sort and Match – Animal Pattern Blocks

Complete the colorful animal pictures with geometric pattern blocks!

Just match the shapes on the five double-sided wooden boards, then choose pattern blocks to fill the recessed spaces.

The 47 geometric shapes come in a rainbow of bright colors, and can also be used outside of the boards for counting, sorting and original designs.

Great for developing shape and color recognition, fine motor skills and language skills!

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Wooden Hands Puzzle

Learn to count to ten with this cute wooden hands puzzle.

Starting with the little finger at 1, move through the fingers and thumbs to 10.

14 pieces in all.

The board measures: 38cm x 20cm (15 x 8 inches).

Age 2+

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Rabbit, Wooden Puzzle

Place the 5 pieces in the given frame to create a colourful picture of a rabbit.

Made in Germany

Measurement: 16 x 13 x 1.5 cm


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