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Coliseum Builder Set

Reenact ancient Gladiator matches with this large block set replicating the Roman Coliseum. This set brings the grand style of ancient day Rome to the new millennium with great detail. The blocks are made in Germany from the highest quality maple hardwood and will stand up to the test of time, as well as the test of a three year old. 110 pieces in 7 shapes.

Ages OLD
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Famous Structures - Roman Amphitheaters

Building structures have symbolized the advancement of societies for centuries. They tell a story of a people, an era, and a progression in civilization. From these famous structures, children (ages 4+) can learn much about the architecture, history, and culture of this ancient civilization. The Romans used stone to create the towering monuments we know today, such as Rome's Colosseum. Children will love to build their own Coliseum or Roman Arch using our wooden builder sets (6.33 and 6.34)

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