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Geography & History

Montessori Geography and History

Montessori system of education is a great hope for peace. Maria Montessori wished to guide us on a journey toward justice and harmony with the child leading the way.
The Montessori Geography and History curriculum emphasizes cultural studies, introducing children to different cultures from around the world.
Through hands-on activities and sensorial experiences, children develop a deep appreciation for the wonders of the Earth, animals, and the diverse cultures that inhabit it.
By the age 3-6, children are in their second stage of adaptation where they search for a sense of belonging. Since the child identifies very strongly with his/her own family, the study of history begins there, with the pictures of the child’s family generations.
It is important to aid the child in the ability to deal with changes by looking at the seasons, the weather, and to recognize the changes within his/her own body and see his/her growth. By learning about history and recognizing the significance of different traditions, children are able to deal with change, and recognize how they are a part of history themselves.

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Puzzle Map of Africa

This Map of Africa is one of the favorite puzzle maps in a Montessori Classroom!

The knobs are located at the capital city of each country.

Dimensions: 22.5 x 17.4 inches (57.2 cm x 44.1 cm).

Montessori Geography, Montessori Schools, Montessori Classroom, 7 Continents, Map of Africa.

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