Pounding Bench

A set of three jumbo pegs and a striking jumbo bench enhances the development of hand-eye coordination.

Plan Toy Pounding Bench pays tribute to the traditional, "old world" classic while giving it a new, and more refined Euro-contemporary look. Pound the pegs into the board, then flip the toy over and the pegs are ready to be pound in again. It is a great way to burn off energy. Everyone should have the opportunity to create. With this "old time" favourite, hammering and pounding could pave the way to a skyscraper, a beautiful sculpture or who knows? Parents and grandparents alike treasure an oldie but goodie. Well here it is. This beautiful rendition of the long-time favourite is crafted from recycled rubber wood and stained with dyes.

Features include:

•Eurocontemporary look
•Pound The Pegs Into The Board Then Flip The Toy Over And The Pegs Are Ready To Be Pound In Again
•A Great Way To Burn Off Energy
•Measures 94 X 45 X 39
•This Toy Is Made From All Natural Recycled Rubber Wood