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Happy Birds

Happy Birds Magnetic Matching Game is a wooden set that is complete with cards that illustrate different colour combinations which little ones follow to build different happy birds.

The little trees are on either end of a branch where 4 birds sit waiting to be assembled using the magnetic wooden shapes! When play time is over, the wooden pieces and the cards can be neatly stored in the wooden box.

A unique matching game that reinforces colour recognition and also good practice with following instructions while developing fine motor skills!

Children can either build the little magnetic birds by following the colour cards that are supplied with the game or they can let their imaginations run free and build any design of their own creation.

Children will develop manipulative and creative skills, as well as learning about patterns and colours.

Includes beech wood tray, 6 pattern cards, and 30 colourful wooden shapes to make birds. This product  contains small magnets.

L18” x W7.25” x H2.25”


SKU: 7.41.1
Price: $69.00

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