Prehistoric Sea Life
Prehistoric Sea Life

Prehistoric Sea Life

If dinosaurs were afraid to go in the water, it was probably because of the prehistoric sealife. Discover more with our Prehistoric Sealife TOOB®.

Safari Ltd® TOOBS® are collections of individually hand painted miniature replicas featuring vibrant colors, fine, professional sculpting, and accurate detail.

The Prehistoric Sealife TOOB® contains ten figures, including: Liopleurodon, Ichthyosaurus, and Elasmosaurus, Metriorhynchus, Tylosaurus, Basilsaurus, Chlamydoselachus, Nothosaurus, Dolichorhynchops, and Henodus.

All of our products are lead free and thoroughly safety tested


2.03' x 2.03' x 12.87' (5.20 cm x 5.20 cm x 33.00 cm)

Recommended Age: 3+

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