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E&O Montessori MaterialsE&O Montessori Materials

Living in the Arctic

The whole set includes:

  • 9” x 11.5” laminated card with pictures, spaces to put an object, and a space for a label.
  • 9” x 11.5” laminated control card with pictures, names, and a space to put an object.
  • 4 ¾” x 3 ½” x 1 ¼ clear plastic box with six objects and 6 laminated matching word cards inside.

Each object is professionally sculpted and finely hand painted. Replica size is between 1.5” and 3” in height.

Objects in this set: Inuit, Musher, Igloo, Beluga Whale, Narwhal Whale, and Husky.

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Price: $22.00

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