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Mighty Magnet

Use of a magnet 1. Place our large red magnet into our Medium Wooden Tray (1.05.5) with a basket of metal and non-metal objects and place a felt cloth underneath. 2. Invite a child to join you and carry the materials to a table. 3. Lay out the felt mat and arrange the materials neatly in order of use. 4. Introduce the magnet, "this is a magnet, it attracts things. Let's discover which objects it will attract." 5. Remove a metal objects from the basket and place it on the felt mat. 6. Hold the magnet close to the object - it will be attracted to the magnet. 7. Invite the child to try. 8. Place it to one side as shown in our picture. 9. Repeat the procedure for a non-metal object. It will not be attracted to the magnet. Place it to the other side. 10. Invite the child to continue sorting the items according to wether or not they are attracted to the magnet.

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