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More Primary Phonics - Storybook Set 2A (includes 10 books)

Book 1: Babe, the Big Hit - Long Vowels with Silent e Book 2: Make the Bed - Long Vowels with Silent e Review Book 3: Mole - Long Vowels with Silent e Review Book 4: A Ride on a Bus - Long Vowels with Silent e Review Book 5: The Lie - Vowel Digraphs io, oe, ee Book 6: A Fine Coat - Vowel Digraph oa Book 7: Cop Cat and the Mule - Vowel Digraph ai Book 8: A Real Pal - Vowel Digraph ea Book 9: Rose and Weed - Vowel Digraph Review Book 10: The Deer - Vowel Digraph Review