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Primary Phonics - Storybook Set 6 (includes 10 books)

Book 1 All the Fair with Cecil and Alice - soft c: ce, ci, cy

Book 2 Garbage Day with Paige - soft g: ge, gi, gy

Book 3 Hedgehog Lodge - soft g: dge

Book 4 Sollie, the Timid Puppy - vowel digraph ie /e/; plural -ies

Book 5 A Class Trip with Miss Royal - vowel dipthong oy/oi

Book 6 The Mighty Mustangs - long i: igh

Book 7 Phil and Stephanie - consonant digraph ph

Book 8 Paulette in Space - vowel digraph au

Book 9 A Lucky Day for Andrew - vowel digraph ew

Book 10 A Birthday Surprise for Goldie - long o: old


Ages OLD
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Thinking About Mac & Tab Comprehension Workbook 6

Advance your child's reading skills through early comprehension exercises designed for beginning readers.

Sequencing, story elements, and story recall exercises are included for each story in the set.

Follow-up activities include writing and illustration, non-reproducible pages, softcover.

Skills Addressed:

  • Sequencing
  • Identifying characters and events
  • Literal comprehension questions
  • Inferential comprehension questions
  • Identifying answers in text
  • Matching sentences to pictures

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Primary Phonics Workbook 6

Workbook 6 continues practice in plural forms, compound words, and two-syllable words.

New consonant sounds and diphthongs are introduced: hard and soft c and g, dge, ph, ie, oi, oy, igh, ow, and au.

Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 80
Dimensions: 11 X 8.5 X .25 inches

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