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Rookie Read-About Geography-Continents-Set of 7 Books

Young readers can travel the seven continents with the simple, engaging text and colorful, mesmerizing pictures in the Rookie Read-About Geography series. Land features, populations, native animals, and technological advances are described. The whole set includes 7 books: Australia, North America, South America, Asia, Antarctica, Europe, and Africa. Simple text and layouts support early readers in developing Reading Standards: Foundational Skills, such as decoding, accuracy, and fluency

Key Features:

  • “Modern Marvels” feature at the end of each book, describing a new technological accomplishment located on each continent and offering reflective STEM-based questions to engage the reader in additional critical thinking
  • Fun geographical facts throughout each book
  • Native animals and biomes featured in each book
  • Low, accessible reading level for emergent and struggling readers
  • Table of contents and chapters
  • “Words You Know” section provides a visual review of important vocabulary terms

Book size: 15 x 18 cm, 32 pages

Ages: 3-6

Ages OLD
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Continents - Africa - Hardcover

Our Continents series of 7 books is a great addition to your Casa or Elementary Geography curriculum.

Children (ages 4-9) will find lots of coloured photographs and interesting information about landscapes, animals, people, culture, and more in each book.

Africa is often called the Cradle of Humankind. Millions of years ago, it was home to the very first humans, and today it remains a vibrant land filled with diverse cultures.

Readers will tour Africa’s varied landscape and get a close look at its many iconic plants and animals. They will also learn about the continent’s history and discover how its people live today.

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