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See & Snap Matching Game

It's the find it, snap it, match it game that gets kids up and moving!

Help your toddlers build gross motor skills while learning all about matching with the See & Snap Picture Hunt.

This fun twist on flash cards is as simple as it is fun: simply hide some of the the set's 20 large picture cards around the house, place one of the 20 small picture cards inside the pretend camera, and send your toddler on a fun scavenger hunt to find and match the cards.

At the end, they can even take a pretend picture - the camera really clicks!

In addition to boosting gross motor and matching skills, See & Snap Picture Hunt also sends toddlers hunting for new shape recognition skills with the help of the set's 5 shape cards.

Just insert the learning cards in the camera and see how many circles, squares, triangles, and other shapes your toddlers can find along the way.

Gross Motor Skills Toddler Toy, 46 Pieces, 18 Months +

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