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Slice & Sort Wooden Eggs

Children can match the six different yolk colors - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple-then use the wooden knife to slice the eggs apart and mix them up or play memory games.


Great for sorting & fine motor skills, this wooden set is also an excellent way to discuss concepts of color (primary, secondary) and fractions (half, whole).


Dimensions: 7" x 5.75" x 2.25"

Ages: 3-6

Ages OLD

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Egg Slicing Set

Children love serving sliced eggs on round crackers to their friends.

Our Egg Slicing Activity Set includes:

Egg Slicer,

Stainless steel Tongs (4.75” long),

Small glass bowl for the egg shells (3” in diameter),

Medium glass bowl for sliced eggs (3.5” in diameter), 

Large glass bowl (4” in diameter),

Small Sponge,

Large size tray with handles (14”x 9.5”).

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Life Cycle of a Chicken - 4 Realistic Models

The four stages of our Life Cycle of a Chicken take you through the transformation of this popular bird!

Miraculous transformations can be observed and explored in close detail. Children can squeeze, touch, and play with all hand-painted items.

Each item is professionally sculpted and individually hand-painted in true-to-life colours, making them favourites of children.

Complete with educational information in English, Spanish, German and French included on the blister cards.

Blister Card Measures: 7″ W x 9″ H (18 x 23 cm)

Grown Chicken Measures: 3.5″ W (9cm)

Recommended Ages: 4+

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Chicken Life Cycle Activity Set

Contains 4 detailed models, clear plastic box to hold the objects, and 20 photo cards to show the stages of development from eggs to a fully grown chicken.

The material includes 5 mil laminated 5-Part cards: photo card (3½" x 3½"), label card, control card (4½" x 3½"), puzzle text card, and full text card for each concept: egg, hatchling, chick, and fully grown adult.

Each object is professionally sculpted and finely hand painted.

Chicken measures 2½" in height

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Chick Life Cycle Exploration

Crack open this set of 21 eggs and see the day-by-day development of a chick. No incubator required! Features realistic illustrations of a developing chick in eggs 1–20 Plastic 3-D chick inside the final egg Invites children to make hands-on connections to life science and life cycles Reinforces concepts and related vocabulary with multilingual Activity Guide that includes definitions, chicken facts and a blackline master to label Allows for self-checking and easy organization with numbered label on each egg and numbered places in storage tray Durable plastic eggs measure 2.75"L each Plastic tray measures 15"L x 8.5"W
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Growth and Layer Puzzle – Chicken

Little ones adore these multi-layer puzzles!

This wooden chicken puzzle features 4 layers to enhance the benefits of sorting, spatial placement and manual dexterity, while exploring the metamorphosis of an egg to hen.

The puzzle has 4 layers that clearly portrays the different stages in it's life cycle.

Measures 18 x 18 x 2 cm

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Baby Eggs Set

Take a journey to the land before time with Safari Ltd®’s Baby Egg Set. This 4-set baby dinosaur collection, featuring crackable-eggs and 4 different dinosaurs, is a fun and interactive way for children to learn about the prehistoric era!

Wild Safari® Prehistoric World is designed to be the most realistic and fun dinosaur toys around. Slightly smaller than our Carnegie Dinosaur Collectibles, these educational toys for kids and collectors introduce the fascinating landscapes and creatures of prehistoric worlds.

Each hand-painted figure is designed to stimulate imagination and learning in children of all ages.

All of our products are lead free and thoroughly safety tested


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Chicken Life Cycle Puzzle

Enjoy with this chicken theme puzzle!

This puzzle helps kids learn about a chicken’s life cycle as well as encourages hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Dimensions:  5.5 x 1.7 x 5.5 in

Ages: 1+

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Fruit and Vegetable Chopping Set

Each fruit and vegetable can be chopped in half, they have the realistic pattern inside. They make the realistic sound when children chop them! We recommend to use our Small Wooden Tray 1.05.1a with the material. Tray is not included.