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Wooden Ball Tracker with Xylophone

  • Watch the different colored balls roll into motion through the wooden tracks and climax with the wonderful symphony of sounds with the built-in, six-tone xylophone.
  • The play of colors, sound, and motion will help develop hand-eye-ear coordination.
  • This German handcrafted Ball Tracker is made with 100% child-friendly materials: high quality wood, nickel-free metal pieces, formaldehyde-free glue, and lead-free paint.
  • Child and Earth friendly!
  • Simply place a ball at the top of the track and watch as it rolls down each slope, clunks down to the next level and then rolls again. At the end of the track there is a strip of xylophone bars for the ball to roll over in a triumphant tinkling finish.
  • The slope is perfectly angled for the balls to roll down slowly and smoothly.
  • Turn the two bottom plates around to act as a stand to allow the Ball Tracker to sit nice and steadily on the floor or table.

      22. 4 x 18 x 2.8 inches

                  57 cm x 45 cm x 7 cm

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