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E&O Montessori Materials

Wooden Grooved Labyrinths–Set of 4

The whole set includes 4 wooden grooved labyrinths of different levels of complexity. Each board is painted in one of the primary colors: red, yellow, blue and green.

 These wooden grooved labyrinths have removable sliders that children can glide through the four different mazes.

Complete the track to release the peg.

Labyrinths are designed for the development of the wrist, hand-eye coordination, by performing various movements associated with the movement of wooden handles along various slots.

In the process of work the child learns to perform a series of simple sequential actions, thereby developing visual and motor memory, concentration, and stability of attention, observation, and coordination of hand movements.

Thanks to the work of two hands at the same time, two hemispheres of the brain are simultaneously involved.

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