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Primary Phonics Complete Storybook Set of 60 Books

Primary Phonics "Mac and Tab" storybook set is well known in the Montessori Community as the most systematic reading series since 1968. Still the best!

This phonics-based early reading program facilitates individualized instruction through flexible, skills-based workbooks and storybooks that correspond to students’ ability levels.

Children learning to read enjoy the satisfaction that comes from reading a whole book independently. The Primary Phonics illustrated storybooks series features books that are each approximately 16 pages long and which use words containing the phonetic elements taught in (not-included and sold-separately) workbooks.

The Complete Storybook Set includes 60 different books divided into 6 sets:
3.09.07, 3.09.08, 3.09.09, 3.09.10, 3.09.11, and 3.09.12.

3.09.07 Primary Phonics Storybooks Set 1 (10 Primary Phonics Storybooks)

3.09.08 Primary Phonics Storybooks Set 2 (10 Primary Phonics Storybooks)

3.09.09 Primary Phonics Storybooks Set 3 (10 Primary Phonics Storybooks)

3.09.10 Primary Phonics Storybooks Set 4 (10 Primary Phonics Storybooks)

3.09.11Primary Phonics Storybooks Set 5 (10 Primary Phonics Storybooks)

3.09.12 Primary Phonics Storybooks Set 6 (10 Primary Phonics Storybooks)

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