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Life Cycle Of A Salmon

Salmon undergo a long journey during their life, hatching from eggs in freshwater streams, growing up into adult fish, and then swimming out to the ocean to live most of their lives in salt water. When they are old enough to mate, they begin the long journey back to the streams from which they hatched, where they will spawn and, in most case, die.

  • Scientific Name: Family Salmonidae, subfamily Salmoninae
  • Characteristics: This set includes 5 figurines detailing the fascinating lifestyle of a salmon, from the egg all the way up to the adult fish. This set provides a fun, tactile way to learn about the life stages of these unique and important fish.
  • Non-toxic and BPA free.

Age : 3 years+

Size In : 8.95 L x 7.7 W x 1 H

Size Cm : 22.73 L x 19.56 W x 2.54 H

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